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Coronavirus Game

Coronavirus Game: The world is a changed place! Curfew's everywhere.
You have been caught outside during curfew and the penalty is prison.
Until the virus clears, a vaccine is made or your a good inmate your here to stay.

Our prison is free from Coronavirus and we want it to stay that way.
Resources are low these days so fending for yourself while inside is advised. Wheel and deal or even steal. Put out hits and join clicks. Gangs run this prison make no mistake.
Join today if you think you have what it takes to play Corona Virus Game.
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ID:58404 :: Posted By: Andrew :: On 21 Apr 2:36:01 pm

I am enjoying the game. More players would be great. Over all its well designed and runs good.
ID:58400 :: Posted By: Stevo :: On 14 Apr 4:11:09 pm

just started everything works a little different from the average mafia game. Fun so far
ID:58392 :: Posted By: Stevo :: On 1 Apr 2:48:42 am

Classic mafia game just started needs more players
has me interested so far .Is it because Im stuck in my house?
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