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Deadly Desires

Deadly Desires: Everyone sins, after all there are so many sins and letís be honest they are the most fun. Do what you can to make a few bucks, whether youíre robbing someone blind or providing someone with a happy ending all will help you rake in the cash and get you out of your hovel of a home. Advance your way up the ladder, can you become the first Sex God or do you end up someones gimp!
Average Rating: 6.57/10.00
Number of Ratings: 21



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ID:58456 :: Posted By: Jackie :: On 26 Aug 3:42:02 pm

This game used to be good. The admin used to have integrity but now it's just like all the other pay to win games out there.

It's a shame, as a very long time player and fan of this game, it is really sad to watch it turn into another Seduction City, RnR, IN, or ID. I thought the admin was better than that.

Think twice before signing up for Deadly Desires bc they also allow account feeding and funding and a bunch of other bullshit to the point where brand new players are buying and doing things that took older players months, if not years to build to bc the admin allows new players to take advantage of the rules. Banding together to fund each other. Marrying and divorcing repeatedly for the sole purpose of training. Now sadly, if you can't buy into the game, you will go nowhere. Went from an A+ game to an F game almost overnight. Don't bother.
ID:58347 :: Posted By: Travis :: On 25 Nov 9:23:26 am

Ill save everyone the time of reading that. Like review portion of any game its all arguing back and forth between someone whos there and someone who isnt. Lifes too short to base if you will try a game or not on that.

Do avoid the agents of Chaos, they got nothing better to do but cause misery Rather find the place you are happy in and grow where you are planted. Thats what I do.
ID:58345 :: Posted By: Ghostbuster :: On 21 Nov 6:49:04 am

The place is a toilet. Multis all over and staff is rude if not outright abusive. The part that makes me laugh is how much time they spend on other games ripping off their ideas.
Jessie the one posted below is banned in just about every other place I know of. Yes its that one. aka Mistress Chaos, Rowan, Cleo, Jessie, Sallymae,, etc etc. if you ever met a scam artist who regularly "dies" to get attention then you know her. THIS is DD's biggest fan, need I say more?
The place was great till the old owner got hacked and locked out. The current owner is the FIRED coder who did it. Its a "free" game because your info is farmed and sold for bitcoins. Pass it by its not worth it.
ID:58337 :: Posted By: not a paid political endorsement :: On 31 Oct 1:45:37 am

It's a good game and better since a few of those with axes to grind are no longer there. It's entirely free, yes entirely free and no option for credit card warriors to buy stats with, which is refreshing. The game has a consistent theme and has had significant effort placed in it since it's been released, nothing is stale, the game is fun and pleasant and most anyone willing to help new players. If you are looking for a low drama game, this is for you. Staff are helpful and supportive, as are most players.
ID:58334 :: Posted By: Jessie :: On 29 Oct 12:55:32 am

Travis. Shall we mention at this point how you were kicked from staff by GG the original owner of DD for using your staff powers to stalk a woman? Might I add I had no "Get out of jail" requirement thanks. Lol. Other than Gh0st realising former owners unbalanced tendencies? Which you show much of yourself actually. Lol. Funny how since you went theres been little drama??
Hmmm strange that. I am still laughing at you Mr Ego. And your spouting the rumours that others started so egotistical puppet. Makes you really credible doesn't it?
ID:58328 :: Posted By: HauntsU :: On 11 Oct 6:21:51 pm

"Just try it yourself people - or decide at the words of a mad man"

I could not agree more. He melts down publicly about once every couple weeks. Since this is a site he cant erase anything he doesnt agree with let it stand at that. If you have to see for yourself by all means go see for yourself.
Yes I am staff for the other game he mentioned. I was staff for the old owner before he got hold of this site. I didnt even offer to help him with anything and every day hoped to see GG get her game back. Now I know its not going to happen im glad I am not there to watch him burn it down while he plays his fiddle.
ID:58326 :: Posted By: Gh0st :: On 10 Oct 1:46:10 pm

I do love a good laugh and this one is good.

All these outrageous claims, but my game remains the highest voted out of mine and my 2 closest competitors, Seduction City and Ruin and Revenge (of which HauntsU is staff - just to point out his bias)

What claim next? I'm buying votes? Ha.

Just try it yourself people - or decide at the words of a mad man.

I have a job to do, Travis, enjoy your sad existence with nothing better to do than post ridiculous claims online.

PS - You mad bro? Posting because you're mad you can't play a game you don't want to play anyway?

Do you see how illogical you are sounding? Good luck with your slander campaign.
ID:58325 :: Posted By: HauntsU :: On 10 Oct 1:28:36 pm

This guy Luke, since we are on a real name basis here now. Had a staff meeting yesterday and got his 4 friends to post here. Everyone else was jumping overboard.
Its a pity you cant post screenshots here id share the one I saved where the female player he berated every day finally pushed back. He banned her from parts of the game to show her he could and said she "had to beg on her knees to be let back". Whos a narcissist now?
Its all over 2 nuts the legit owner banned for multi use and causing drama. Most of you would know them as Mistress Chaos, Cleo, Jessie (the review below was her ticket out of jail) Eliza, Chantilly or Rowan.
They started drama again then ran crying to him instead of listening to both sides he did his impression of mad king Joffrey. He even banned a friend of mine who is in another game because she must be a "spy" Whos a few sandwiches short?
Look at game announcements if you want a real peek into his mind. His ending like of "dont like it leave" should be their mission statement because nothing is losing them players more than he is. Dude follow through with your threat, do the world a favor and delete the whole game you stole and are destroying for everyone anyway
ID:58324 :: Posted By: Gh0st :: On 10 Oct 11:46:11 am

As the game owner, I can confirm the previous comment to be incorrect.

HauntsU, otherwise known as Travis, is a narcissist stalker who follows women around games, causing unnecessary drama and conflict as he goes.

After multiple claims of him following women around games and being abusive, in both actions and words, I made the call to keep my users safe and remove this deviant from the game.

As a result, I was issues multiple threats which included leaving bad reviews (here we are), reporting the game for various things, as well as stating he would personally bring charged for made up claims.

This only further validated my point for terminating his account because he is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, with borderline psychotic episodes, I think.
ID:58323 :: Posted By: Xaj :: On 10 Oct 2:57:58 am

I have played many games over the years but Deadly Desires is the best out of all of them. The admin and staff are great and they keep on top of everything there. They keep producing new content to keep the game fresh. It has improved so much since the previous owner abandoned it for the second time leaving all the players in the dark as to the status of the site. This is a great game to invest your time in and you will not regret it.
ID:58322 :: Posted By: cutiepie :: On 10 Oct 11:38:43 pm

The game is more active then I've ever seen it. Ignore the obvious disgruntled player who probably didn't get their way. Give it a try and mail Hailey, tell her i sent you.;)
ID:58321 :: Posted By: Harley :: On 9 Oct 12:22:47 pm

I think itís a game with character and loads of new features and events being added daily,Seem the user below has had an issue but I havenít seen anything but a staff helping when needed and resolving issues when they are brought up.Dont take anotherís word,try it out for yourself.
ID:58320 :: Posted By: HauntsU :: On 9 Oct 4:44:55 am

Up to a couple months ago it was a great game called Sinful Temptations. One day the site was down then it was down for a week. Then a coder who had been let go comes into a discord room and announces hes taking over. Mind you this guy brags about hacking other places. Eventually released as Deadly Desires its a hollow shell of what it once was. Most folk will tell you it doesnt have the heart like it used to. Others will tell you that the new owner is about as friendly and fun to have around as a sandpaper thong. On a good day hes demeaning, snide and stand offish. On a bad day hes abusive, egotistical and chauvinistic. Right away a issue came up where the usual friendly banter of the discord room was shattered when he thought he would play along and degraded and personally attacked a female player. He went as far as locking her out of parts of the game until "She begged him to put it back". This above anything else is the reason I post this warning to avoid this place. He's clearly had a lot of bullying and abuse dumped on him and found this little insignificant place where he has some control and relishes in it. Think King Joffrey from Game of Thrones, well hes a tolerant, fair and kind ruler compared to Ghost. This was the first time an announcement with phrases like "its MY game" and "I can delete it just like that" came up. Its not been the last. There was a new rule put in abuse to staff on game or anywhere outside of it would result in termination. Nothing was put in about staff who abuse players.
Finally its a free game no donations are accepted. Thats because your info is farmed and sold to market research companies who use it to target you with more ads. In itself its not a bad thing. Google and Facebook do the same. What you dont see is the owners of facebook acting like a very small child on a almost regular basis and the chances the equipment used to gather your info being tossed into a dustbin in a tantrum are low everywhere but there. So if you want a mediocre game with all but the item names ripped off from somewhere else. If you enjoy being abused and insulted for no other reason than the abuser having a severe case of personality disorder and delusions of grandeur. If you really want to commit time to a game that could be deleted at any time without any warning id still suggest you pass this one up.
ID:58307 :: Posted By: Jessie :: On 30 Aug 1:52:45 pm

This could be great, the admin seem fair and able to clean up the usual rif raf lol and can make this a great free to play text game finally!
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