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Aveneia: Aveneia is a persistent browser based game which allows you direct control of a simulated nation where you control everything from its diplomatic relations all the way to its military relations.

Aveneia is a text-based PBBG/MMO game played on the web directly through your browser with no downloads required. Join today with thousands of other players from all over the world.
Average Rating: 10.00/10.00
Number of Ratings: 1



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ID:58209 :: Posted By: Durini :: On 4 Mar 3:50:38 am

The game is multiplayer and is part of a fast growing community of national rulers battling it out for the highest rank. Sign up now for a free account and begin your adventure with the Internet's newest nation simulator. We highly encourage feedback from our players. We are in active development and your comments and suggestion can help steer the direction the game takes as it grows.
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