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Ruin and Revenge

Ruin and Revenge: "
Average Rating: 7.00/10.00
Number of Ratings: 9



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ID:58544 :: Posted By: viper :: On 10 May 6:38:23 pm

great game lots of fun and filled with awesome admin who are only to happy to help. come check it out see for your self.
ID:58501 :: Posted By: pete :: On 18 Nov 7:04:36 pm

Game is a joke most thing are taken from other games. Staff are cheaters and if your not in there circle you wont go far. its a chat room at best
ID:58436 :: Posted By: Bullitt :: On 26 Jun 12:37:32 pm

Great game. Many different things to do. You can have companies and make things which is completely diffent from other games. I am not on staff but am one of the top players. It's not an uneven playing field as is being suggested. If you like games like this, give this in a try and feel free to ask for help. Most any player there will help. Or find me. I'm there each day.
ID:58380 :: Posted By: Gotcha :: On 20 Feb 11:14:24 am

Lol sure we will in a few months we wil be telling them how you abused staff tools to stalk us right Titus? And you admitted that to me yourself.
ID:58344 :: Posted By: Titus andronicus :: On 21 Nov 6:41:32 am

Let me be clear i am staff here. I do it voluntarily. The only freebies I get are the ones I give out in my nightly game show.

One of the nicest and most addicting places i have found its why I put my time in there for free to help make it even better. More stuff added all the time and growing bigger every day. Hop on and say hi. Tell em Titus sent you
ID:58282 :: Posted By: Lolz :: On 26 Jul 9:09:45 am

How many good reviews under anon are not really admin??
In my experience admin thrive on drama here, staff are all given freebies and it makes for a very unfair playing field.
There's plenty of drama! All invited by staff and I feel it's days as anything more than somewhere to hook up are not many!!
ID:58279 :: Posted By: anon :: On 22 Jul 8:46:22 pm

Great game, no drama, well run with active staff always willing to help. Pleasant place to play with stable environment. Worth spending time here.
ID:58277 :: Posted By: Addictive :: On 21 Jul 9:49:14 am

The game is good fun,great staff plenty to do and developing new stuff all the time.I havent come across a game like it before,the community is growing each day and it has a great crowd of players. I look forward to spending many hrs here.Great work you guys.
ID:58276 :: Posted By: Lol :: On 20 Jul 8:04:55 am

Totally screwed up. Half the time the features are broken and they take weeks to fix it, they can't decide on a theme, the staff incite drama and then get pissy when players react. Too funny. I will wait n see how long this one limps along. It's used as a cyber and chat room really xD
ID:58274 :: Posted By: Tish :: On 19 Jul 1:24:18 pm

awesome game totally addicted!!
Refreshing change a little mafia and a little sex!
ID:58246 :: Posted By: Maggie :: On 20 May 4:40:17 pm

Love the game friendly staff, easy to get along with.Interesting things to do and very relaxed great game.
ID:58196 :: Posted By: Andrew :: On 15 Feb 7:04:38 pm

Game seems to still be in development but they seem to be pushing out new features daily. They listen to their players questions and concerns and actually make fixes. This game as some unique features I haven't seen before. I think this game could go far when they get it finished.
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