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Hot Rod Wars: The Original and Best Hot Rod MMORPG

Hot Rod Wars: The Original and Best Hot Rod MMORPG: "Hot Rod Wars is a text based MMORPG that centers on Muscle cars about mid 1970's and down. It is like no other game on the net so if you like hotrodding, come in and check it out! Here are some of the game Highlights:

- This Game is Free. Yep, you can play all day for nothing.
- Its Browser based. Nothing to Download.
- No Resets, the stats and stuff you get, stays.
- Build up your Rod with engines, suspensions and more.
- Race other players to see who has the best Hot Rod.
- Form a Street Crew to band up with other players.
- Run a Rod Shop. Do you have the Business Savy?
- Buy shops to work on your rod or open your own store.
- Try a life of crime but watch out for the cops!
- Do some gambling or just take a walk down the street.
- Get yourself setup with weapons to protect yourself.
- Sound like fun? Register Now!

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Number of Ratings: 1



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