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Your Mafia

Your Mafia: Create the ultimate Mobster in Your Mafia. Choose from thousands of possibilities and create or join your own crime family. Knock around other players from all around the world!
Average Rating: 7.78/10.00
Number of Ratings: 9



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ID:58061 :: Posted By: Duckerz :: On 11 May 4:40:36 pm

Flockin awesome game, chill and active owner with amazing staff. Game of the year for sure 8-)
ID:57986 :: Posted By: Frosty :: On 6 Jan 2:53:35 am

A fun game with a large active player base. The admins are top of their game. Come play with us we have better cookies :)
ID:57982 :: Posted By: GCat :: On 29 Dec 3:40:05 pm

Without a doubt the best game out there today. The Admin take the most active role I have ever seen and are always available with any questions or concerns. The players are top notch, best of the best. If you're going to spend your hard earned money and time on a game, do it here.
ID:57980 :: Posted By: Frosty :: On 28 Dec 2:52:50 am

Great game with a large active player base and Admins that are on top of their game.
ID:57978 :: Posted By: Toxic V :: On 27 Dec 8:20:33 am

This is a real fun game to play and there’s so much to do for free. It challenges you to create a character and build it up to be the best you can. It caters for the high rollers as well as the make the game pay for the game players. Its the best game of this type on the net.
The admins make sure the game is secure and issues are dealt with in a timely manor Most of all its a fun game, +10
ID:57977 :: Posted By: Xayah :: On 27 Dec 8:57:35 pm

Great game, great active community! Owners are always actively seeking ways to bring player suggestions into game play as well as adding new ideas/content of their own. This game is emerging, very addicting, the community is growing daily and there is always someone willing to help those who ask. Two thumbs up, Codez and Miles!

Xayah #670
ID:57976 :: Posted By: Dollface :: On 27 Dec 8:50:06 pm

Great game and very generous, fair admin.
ID:57975 :: Posted By: HaVoK :: On 27 Dec 5:35:19 pm

ID:57953 :: Posted By: Anonymous :: On 15 Nov 1:43:50 am

ID:57952 :: Posted By: Moon :: On 15 Nov 1:38:35 am

Amazingly thought out game. Fun to play, with amazing people and so much to do.
ID:57951 :: Posted By: S A T A N :: On 15 Nov 1:20:42 am

This game is a lot of fun.

There is A LOT to do here, very active, and awesome events are thrown on the game.

Staff i have to give props to as well, listen to suggestions and quick to code up new shit in the game.

Not ruined by easy missions to get loads of free shit.

5/5 guys,

-S A T A N
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