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The Nine Worlds

The Nine Worlds: Become a hero in the Norseman of legend – intrigue, combat, quests, magic and mythic creatures await...As heroes in search of adventure, glory and immortality, you will take part in great battles which will lead you from the snowy plains of Jutland to the halls of kings. Perhaps your characters will become heroes recognised by Odin the Formidable himself in his feasting-hall in Valhalla, as he awaits the time of Ragnarök, the final
battle against the giants and their kin, which marks the end of the time of legends and of the Gods themselves.Mercenary or hirdmen, berserkr or noble, prophetess or sorcerer, Fate will guide you through frozen fjords, deep seas, and monster-haunted forests. Skalds will sing of your exploits for centuries to come!
Average Rating: 4.83/10.00
Number of Ratings: 12



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ID:58139 :: Posted By: Slayer :: On 6 Nov 7:42:45 pm

Not another numbers game.A game that requires you to use your brain strategy and a Adventure all rolled into one.Its great with great players and very helpful staff.
ID:58070 :: Posted By: Bjorn :: On 24 May 12:19:56 pm

Never seen or played anything like this game its wicked.Not a run of the mill numbers game you actually have things to do and have to think about best game ever.
ID:57872 :: Posted By: Gullveig :: On 12 Jul 12:06:34 pm

Perhaps one of the most unique and innovative games I have ever played!!Multi faceted and certainly interesting on every level! Always something to learn and new worlds to discover!!!
ID:57790 :: Posted By: Pathfinder :: On 29 Apr 12:28:37 pm

Not just another stats training game, this game requires strategy and tactics, to be able to conqueror and expand your territories, travel to new realms etc.
ID:57548 :: Posted By: bethan fish :: On 18 Oct 1:15:28 am

this is an awesome game the owners are working flat out to deliver us a game well worth playing you just dont know what they will come up with next
ID:57529 :: Posted By: Peter :: On 2 Oct 12:24:56 am

Awesome game,plenty to do,looking forward to see what else is to unfold in this game,well worth looking into
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