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The Lost Realm

The Lost Realm: Lost Realm is a free text-based RPG with active players and active staff.
The chatroom and message boards are always being filled with new material.
Lost Realm unlike most games, is played with ''Mana'' which you
recieve everyday at ''Reset.
'' , with which they can use to build their character's Strength,
Agility, Level, or Gold amount. There is several towns you can choose from to join and participate in the interactive town wars.
Lost Realm is a very diverse game with players from all around the world, so join up today! Let's get the fear on !
Average Rating: 9.75/10.00
Number of Ratings: 3618



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With the rapid development of the communication technology, the mobile phone is widely used in the world. While the mobile phone brings great conveniences to people, it also raises new challenge on the security of confidential work. In recent years, the wiretap, cheating in examination, medical negligence and gas station explosion with mobile phone occurred and it has aroused great concern of the society. Maybe it’s one of the reasons that promoted the appearance of cell phone Jammer.

What’s cell phone jammer? The mobile phone is working under a certain range of frequency and linking with the base station through radio wave. The data and sound is transmitted by the means of baud rate and modulation. In the light of the principle of communication, the cell phone Jammer makes the unrecognizable code interference when the mobile phone is receiving the information.

The mobile phone will fail to link with the base station as it can’t check out the correct data from base station. The forming of the magnetic shielding leads the failure to receive and make calls in the certain area. The cell phone will appear to in the condition of no service or net searching. Thus the cell phone is compulsively prohibited.

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The cell phone jammer is designed to be applied in the examination hall, school campus, gas station, church, court, library, conference centre, theater, hospital and government, financial, prison, police and military site such kind of mobile phone prohibited places.

What’s the advantages does the cell phone jammer bring to us? The presence of the cell phone Jammer has thoroughly driven away all the disadvantages the mobile phone brings out and makes you rest assured to enjoy the conveniences. What’s more, the cell phone Jammer only interferes the mobile communication signals, but no interferences to other electronic equipments.

The new electronics –cell phone Jammer is such an effective invention. Under the protection of cell phone jammer, you needn’t to worry too much about the information security and explosion in gas station caused by the cell phone. You can speak in the meeting room at ease and feel relax in a gas station.

The new portable cell phone jammer Now there are all kinds of cell phone Jammers on the market. Portable cell phone Jammer is one kind of popular cell phone Jammers. The portable cell phone Jammer is intensively developed for some small secure and confidential site such as confidential office, negotiation room, mobile cars and mobile guard site for political and commercial big shot.

The portable cell phone jammer can block the mobile phone signals (GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G) in the range of 5-80 square meters. You can’t make or receive any phone calls in the area while other electronic equipments can be

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The nature of a cell phone jammer

By mobile jammer (jammer, cell phone jammer, cell signal jammer) people understand a mechanism set to interlock signals that the cell phones send forth. Cell phones will not be able to get or send signals to the station if a phone jammer is on. Phone jammer was elaborated by military forces. This mechanism admits to pose the enemy and cuts the interception of the information, during significant secret military operations, in particular.

The sphere of usage

The usage of the cell phones jammers is distributed approximately everywhere. But generally they are employed in places where silence and privacy play the key part. For instance, cell phone jammer can be observed in police departments and military organizations because it is the private information that is highly praised in the places of this kind. Mobile phone jammer can also be found in prisons for the purpose of hampering prisoners from using the cell phones that they have carried illegally into the prison. Therefore, variety of possible runaways and misdeeds is averted. In hospitals mobile phone jammers are very useful if there is delicate installation that can be harmed by the signals of the mobile phones.

Jammers typology

It is accepted to distinguish several types of jammers: mobile phone jammer, Wi-Fi jammer, Bluetooth jammer, 4G jammer, GPS jammer and others. Every type has its particular service area, characteristics, properties and prices. The types of jammers are rather various, that’s why it is necessary to advise qualified specialists to pick out the jammer that will meet your demands and objectives.
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