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Shimlar: Shimlar is a huge world, occupied by strange creatures. Through battle with these creatures, combined with the occasional kill of other players running around you, you'll gain experience and gold to get better skills and weapons.
Roleplay is strongly encouraged. A team of mods and archwizards will be looking down upon players behaviour.
Shimlar is free to play, we run on donations.

Average Rating: 6.85/10.00
Number of Ratings: 66



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ID:936 :: Posted By: pemo23 :: On 9 Mar 7:58:05 pm

recently the game has come under threat due to lack of funds and they apparently have enought for 6months so take the oppertunity to try it out b4 it closes down
ID:764 :: Posted By: Albert Brecht :: On 2 Jan 1:32:01 am

Fun interactive game, hourly quests, compete against the game or other players all in Real Time. New players dont have to compete against established players, but can still interact with them. The more you play, the more skills and better equipment your character can acquire. Chat feature lets you make friends, establish Clans or alliances, or irritate your enemies. Great addictive fun!
ID:700 :: Posted By: pemo23 :: On 10 Dec 6:31:29 am

this as Knight64 siad it is a very addictive game i would advse people who read this to try it out the first 5o levels are not exiteing but when you start dropping gems/shadow items you will be hooked due to pot luck
ID:698 :: Posted By: Knight64 :: On 10 Dec 9:50:05 pm

This game is highly addictive i have played Shimlar sence it came out in early open Beta i reccoment this game to anyone who is a fan of mmorp's. there are several starting races you can choose and later can reincarnate into better more powerful races at certain level.

there are many areas on which to train and many friends to make. Have fun being a PlayerKiller or just try to become the number one character!

I rate this game 10 out of 10
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