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MobstarGame: ext Level Maffia Role Playing
Loads of gangsters on MobstarGame work their way up in the world of the maffia.
This is role playing in a maffia game on another level. You want to be a killer? Add the right skills, buy the right weapons, amunition and armor and youíll have a huge advantage!

Do small and big crimes, own your own casinoís and let these gangsters gamble all their money away. Grow, sell and transport drugs in order to make money. Improve your buildings for more return on investment, rack up your equipment and become a respected player. Collaborate with fellow gangsters and form a crew the other maffiosi will talk about.

Respect, thatís what itís all about in a maffia game!

So, why should you download the app and play MobstarGame?

- Lots of social elements
Communication is vital, even for a gangster.

- Unique dynamic gameplay
Every character is unique!

- Play anywhere, anytime
Time is of the essence - luckily, you can rank up your gangster anytime!

- Regular updates
Average Rating: 5.82/10.00
Number of Ratings: 11



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ID:57665 :: Posted By: Wiseman :: On 31 Dec 2:26:02 pm

Mil gracias por los sub…..cada vez esta mas interesante este drama……..gracias por todo tu esdz8ruo&#e230;…benficiones al portal…sabes tengo un problema??? el subtitulo 19 y 20 no funciona……..el 18 ya esta solucionado…..por favor lo podr√ɬ≠as arreglar…desde ya mil graciassss
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