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La Cosa Nostra Game

La Cosa Nostra Game: La Cosa Nostra is the most realistic mafia game on the internet.
You will start your new life off as a civilian. you will have 2 options you can either join a family or you can create your own. Joining a family will place you as a associate
and you will have to work your way up to becoming a made man in the family. You can become a caporegime and run your own crew of soldiers and associates.
You will do criminal activities such as robbing a bank, hijacking trucks, producing drugs, going on union strikes and much more.
Average Rating: 6.42/10.00
Number of Ratings: 31



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ID:58194 :: Posted By: djcluv :: On 13 Feb 5:06:57 am

thanks for this blog!! <a href="https://games.lol/hunting/">hunting games online</a>
ID:57263 :: Posted By: Jack :: On 24 Mar 4:37:41 pm

A good game
ID:54893 :: Posted By: Sourav :: On 13 Oct 3:48:06 pm

Comment's author: 子青08/18/07 12:58:00 AM這樣啊,學長<br />下次我陪你去旅行,健行好了<br /><br />我不知道你曉不曉得<br />我剛到台灣讀書的時候,第一學期<br />覺得自己快要收拾行李打道回府的時候<br />是你一次又一次, 一句又一句的鼓勵,讓我振作起來<br />你一直是我的模範,榜樣<br /><br />如果,你認為一個處處真心待人,給予學弟學妹最真誠的建議,鼓勵<br />成為很多人的模範<br />引令別人走上研究道路的男人不帥的話,我可無話可說啊<br /><br />還有,如果手腦不協調還能以果繩為博士研究課題<br />那肯定可以出一本非常勵志感人的自傳了<br /><br />學長,沒有正妹,那又怎樣<br /><br /><br />
ID:42655 :: Posted By: Dott Dogg :: On 28 Jul 2:51:40 pm

It's obvious that the person below is clearly a sore loser and and is coming up with false information which they don't have any proof of. This game is awesome and is constantly updated. Highly recomend checking it out.
ID:42495 :: Posted By: mafioso :: On 21 May 11:19:03 am

DON'T PLAY THIS GAME. the creators of the game are only in it to take your money. they do not know how to let everyone play. they keep getting involved in game play and feeding information to their friends in LA Fenice family (Relentless and Lady A)
ID:42426 :: Posted By: Lyubov :: On 7 May 3:41:28 pm

It is an omenous detrciion:It is a prior restraint, and according to U. S. Supreme Court interpretation of the First Amendment, prior restraint is subject to 'strict scrutiny'.In constitutional interpretation when the 'strict scrutiny' standard of review is applied, the state has a very high bar to pass muster, and. almost never does, and the statute is struck down.It appears too many people are being informed of information, facts & evidence, which the Powers That Be find damaging to their objectives.You see the Powers That Be want to construct a 'World Goverance' structure which is 'top down' and modeled on a secret society' pyramid, where the people at the top, the Global Elite, don't have to answer to the average people via a democratic, representative, framework, nor do the PTB even want to explain what is their actual agenda.In other words, fascism.Fascism is antithetical to representative democracy.But as Aangirfan has pointed out in a prior post, Fascism is neither, right, left, or center, it is a 'structure of government' and control.If you are an Elite (most Elites, anyway), you are not interested in restraints or control imposed from below, but, rather, want to impose control from above onto the average people.In a way, this is as 'old as history', and tribal in nature. The elites in the tribal structure of society have always imposed control from above via priests or kings, or councils, or from a 'big man'.Human nature is social and hierarchical.Representative democracy depends on the belief that men by whatever measure (a belief in God or a belief in individual human equality via precepts of humanism) have an equal say in the control of the society they live in.Therefore, a majority vote expressing the will of every person constitutes the basic governing principle.This belief in representative democracy (or even pure direct democracy) in a sense relies on the restraint of brutish, raw human nature.The Greeks had something there: Moderation between the two extremes.
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