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Miniconomy: Register now in one of the new international virtual cities to get access to the worlds best free online trade game. Specialize in production, own a fleet of cars and boats, build a warehouse and a chain of shops. Mine gold, ore, oil or clay. Be a lumberjack and saw trees to timber. Whatever you choose, you can develop special skills. You can also build a bank or a harbour and provide services to your local community. Be an officer a teacher, mayor or priest. You can build a club and lead your own community within the community. You can even get elected in parliament and change the rules or even change the system of government.
Average Rating: 7.04/10.00
Number of Ratings: 143



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ID:58293 :: Posted By: mahesh@nls.ac.in :: On 10 Aug 3:14:31 am

Fantastic Game, Love it
ID:57920 :: Posted By: YungGravy :: On 3 Oct 5:29:35 pm

ID:57903 :: Posted By: Tippy Toes :: On 5 Sep 1:06:32 pm

A fun game that is a different experience each time.
ID:57587 :: Posted By: Vulpes :: On 7 Nov 1:02:01 pm

ID:57552 :: Posted By: yente :: On 19 Oct 6:52:27 am

its a realy fun game
ID:57296 :: Posted By: Jetsyn :: On 19 Apr 3:00:22 am

I'm so glad that the <a href="http://acgsgnc.com">innetret</a> allows free info like this!
ID:57292 :: Posted By: Nelia :: On 19 Apr 6:08:36 pm

Good points all around. Truly <a href="http://gqcdjuxhez.com">appracieted.</a>
ID:57287 :: Posted By: Nonie :: On 18 Apr 7:13:09 pm

I'm not quite sure how to say this; you made it exmtlreey easy for me!
ID:36804 :: Posted By: asfa :: On 10 Jul 4:07:10 am

ID:35738 :: Posted By: mixer :: On 20 Dec 12:34:54 pm

A fantastic game. It has a lot of human interaction. Politicians set rule games within the game, You can become a top politician,but main objective is to become the richest player at round end. Round lasts usualy 3 weeks and in the new round everybody starts from scratch. become top trader, top politician, criminal, officer, real estate agent, tanport tycoon, entertainer of the comunity everything is possible if within gamerules or approved by Federals.
ID:23518 :: Posted By: florian :: On 4 Dec 8:36:03 am

This game is just awesome
ID:22060 :: Posted By: ryansoper :: On 23 Jul 2:09:23 pm

Although the game has a bit of a learning curve, its a very well made game, and with constant improvements being made as well its constantly getting better!
ID:1654 :: Posted By: Erkan :: On 1 Oct 11:02:07 am

Is their a better game than Miniconomy? I don`t believe that because Miniconomy has every thing is every thing that you need. I can`t think a live whitout Miniconomy...
ID:1651 :: Posted By: TGM :: On 1 Oct 9:11:56 pm

a great game, i play it more than 4 years now!
ID:1649 :: Posted By: Arjanisme :: On 1 Oct 6:02:37 pm

Very good game. When start playing before you know its sleeping time :P
ID:1648 :: Posted By: Mariadoc :: On 1 Oct 5:07:50 pm

Very very very good game. And addictive....
ID:1645 :: Posted By: TradePro :: On 30 Sep 4:31:45 am

I found this game on the net one day when i was searching though an endless list of games. I started playing it and though it was ok. When i played it more though i found out more and more new things that i could do and within a week i was addicted. Very adicting and great gameplay.
ID:1644 :: Posted By: Joep eerlijk :: On 30 Sep 6:05:11 pm

This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!
ID:1643 :: Posted By: Loes :: On 29 Sep 2:36:41 pm

I just played one round and I already became mayor!
ID:1642 :: Posted By: Erik Politiek :: On 29 Sep 12:42:02 pm

heavily addicted game think twice before u start
ID:1641 :: Posted By: major_merv :: On 29 Sep 10:28:47 am

As an Australian i think my view counts on this site... I was borught to the game by a friend about a month ago, at first i thought i would play just to make my friend happy. Now i'm hooked and cant stop playing it, am up sometimes at 3a.m in the morning playing just to trade with other users. I think that schools in Australian should use this game as part of there learning... i have already learnt a few Dutch words just playing. I can say for sure that i will play this game for a long time and try to get other Australian's to join and learn that learning something new can be very fun.
ID:1456 :: Posted By: Frekie :: On 2 Aug 7:36:06 pm

Best browser-based game ever!
ID:1454 :: Posted By: Inopinino :: On 1 Aug 9:11:18 am

I agree :)
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