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Strive for Power

Strive for Power: The Old World was once a place of prosperity and joy. It was a land where the four humanoid races, humans, dwarves, elves, and hobbits, lived in peace. Trade caravans crossed the continent, and art and the magics blossomed. But one fateful day, a wizard named Archflavius discovered the Secret of the Gods. Unfortunately, being a mortal, Archflavius's mind was not fit to use such power, and an attempt to wield this power for the betterment of humanoid kind turned him mad and corrupt. Through his mad power, he created four evil racial counterparts to the humans, elves, dwarves, and hobbits: Lizardmen, Orcs, Goblins, and Kobolds. His power rent the earth and caused evil denizens of the deep to rise to its surface. Archflavius gathered to him his evil creations, as well as corrupted members of the primary races to his cause. Together they sacked most of the strongholds in the Old World and reduced them to rubble. In his castle in the south-east, he ruled the Old World for 100 years, until a good wizard named Laflik marshaled forces against him. In his castle, Archflavius was defeated and fled the Old World, but not before he killed Laflik in a wizard duel.

Now, even though Archflavius is gone, his evil creations stalk the Old World striking terror into the hearts of the goodly citizens and murdering many. If you wish to accept the challenge, you will command a party of elite adventurers. You can use this party for good or ill, but be warned: Choosing evil over good will not protect you from the wrath of Archflavius' beasts. Travel the Old World, explore ruins, and solve quests. Perhaps one day you will be able to find the core of Archflavius' evil and destroy it for good...unless you want to harness it for yourself!

Text/Browser based, Computer moderated, Fantasy, Adventure, Open-ended, Multiplayer, Tick based(100 Action Points/hour).
Average Rating: 5.31/10.00
Number of Ratings: 62



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ID:2891 :: Posted By: Hannah :: On 4 Aug 11:10:19 pm

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ID:743 :: Posted By: aisha :: On 27 Dec 7:41:47 pm

ID:113 :: Posted By: new player :: On 28 Sep 2:34:41 am

err.. 100 action points/ hour if player is a paying member. only 20 action points if player wants to play for free.

another note: players playing for free has only access to 3 dungeons only. sad but true :(
ID:26 :: Posted By: Ducks :: On 15 Sep 6:18:11 pm

Great roleplaying game with lots of depth. HUGE !!
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